Waterfront redevelopment in the settlement of Oinousses
Location: Oinousses, Chios
Surface: 26,518 m2
Supervision: 2013
Client: Municipality of Chios, Municipal Port Fund of Chios

The project involves the redevelopment of both the waterfront area and the main pedestrian street leading to the Church of Saint Nicolas, in the settlement of Oinousses. The primary goal of the proposal has been to reconcile two competing objectives; to provide contemporary public spaces, that would be respectful towards the historic setting of the island, as well as capable of meeting functional requirements and recreational needs. The design of the waterfront area was conceived based on the idea of a "promenade" that takes advantage of the picturesque natural scene in order to provide both the visitors and the residents of the island with a variety of vibrant spatial experiences. The 'promenade" develops following a continuous movement parallel to the sea, connecting diverse "open space" unities. Each one of these unities, is indicated through different uses, configurations and defining elements that coexist within this fluid space, forming direct links between past and present.