Design of residential park in the urban fabric of Kalamaria
Location: Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
Surface: 1600 s.m.
Supervision: 2011
Client: Municipality of Kalamaria

The project refers to the creation of a residential park, including the design of a playground.  The plot is situated between the Streets of Papandreou, Vrioulwn and Zorba, in the residential area of Kalamaria. The design language of the park grows out of the "synthetic" idea of the project, using curved forms, in order to create a vivid open space that flows between the linear buildings of the urban fabric. As regards the playground, the proposal aims to form a friendly environment, as familiar as possible to the children, referring at the same time to other user groups. Taking into account different age groups, two distinct play areas are organized. Along the perimeter of the playground, slopes are formed, as natural boundaries for the protection of the inside area from the road traffic.