Reconstruction of pedestrian street in Kalamaria
Location: Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
Surface: 2,440 s.m.
Supervision: 2014
Construction: 2015
Client: Municipality of Kalamaria

The proposal includes the restructuring of an existing pedestrian zone in the Votsi District of the municipality of Kalamaria, aiming at the aesthetic and functional upgrading of the public space, the successful settlement of the flows of students and local residents, as well as the improvement of the microclimate through the integration of bioclimatic design principles. The existing configuration is divided into three elongated zones, which fragment the free area by cutting off the functions that take place on the roadside. The redesign includes parallelepiped green surfaces of varying dimensions, combined with two-color cross bands of hard floor, and aims on the one hand to render rhythm through a pleasant visual alternation, and on the other hand to eliminate the intense projection of the longitudinal axis. The sitting sections of the proposal are placed with a clear reference to the entrances of the school complexes of the city block. The plateau created at the junction with Megalou Alexandrou Street is the end of the linear development of the pedestrian street and is organized as an expanded area for gathering and Recreation. The engraving of the green surfaces delimits the movements to and from this central area, in which it was considered necessary to strengthen planting, in order to compensate for the phenomenon of high absorption of radiation, caused by the extensive hard surface of the adjacent school yard. At the junction of the configuration with Megalou Alexandrou Street, the difference in level with the existing pavement, is used for the design of climbs, which take the role of a seating area or an auditorium, aiming at the performance of an important space for the daily meeting of youth, but also for the conduct of events.