Structural Improvement of Safla Railway Bridge
Location: Kalamata
Surface: Total Length: 26 m
Supervision: 2004
Client: O.S.E. S.A.

Safla railway bridge, which was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, consists of four stone masonry arches divided in two parts which are connected via a steel structure of total span 26m. The masonry as well as the steel structure are well constructed. However, various interventions that have been implemented over the years dealt with arising problems circumstantially and inadequately.
In particular, the last arch (towards Kalamata) has been abolished, while the second one has been strengthened via a reinforced concrete jacket and its structural function has been disabled through the placement of the steel structure.
Several strengthening measures for the bridge are proposed, in order for it to carry greater loads and to be restored as well.