Fish Market building in Volos
(participation) Associates: Kapa + Kapa Consulting Co.
Location: Volos
Surface: 3,035 s.m.
Supervision: 2004 - 2007
Client: Ministry of Rural Development and Food

The Fish Market building is constructed at 12m distance from an existing seawall, while it consists of one floor except a small part that will have two levels. The biggest building (where the central Fish market hall is accommodated) consists of three structurally independent parts which are separated via two expansion joints.
The load-carrying structure will be of reinforced concrete, with 5m to 10m spans. For the easy electro-mechanical facilities installation, limited beams are regarded, while shear walls have been taken into account for the anti-seismic protection. Furthermore, the large opening and geometry of the central hall requires a steel space truss structure.