Restoration - Reconstruction of "Agora Argyri", in Patras
Location: Patras
Surface: 2,613 s.m.
Supervision: 2003
Client: Municipality of Patras

This project refers to the reconstruction, restoration, preservation and reuse of the Public Market in Patras. The structure consists of two parts, the reconstructed building and the new three-floor one. They are connected through the basement, which is a conventional reinforced concrete structure with shear walls along the perimeter. The new three-floor steel structure with composite beams is based on the concrete structure. The shear connection between the beams and the concrete slabs is ensured in order to reduce the beam height, providing a more economical solution. The reconstructed listed building has strengthened masonry along the perimeter as well as stiff reinforced concrete frames. The span between the masonry and the reinforced concrete frames is bridged through timber trusses or timber beams covered with wood-based panels.