New Steel Palaiochori Bridge
Location: Tenagi, Kavala
Surface: Total Length: 67 m
Supervision: 2013
Client: Ministry of Rural Development and Food

The studied road bridge consists of two steel through-trusses in the longitudinal direction, for one span of total length L=67.00 m.
The bridge is supported on two abutments, via four elastomeric bearings.
The primary beams of the bridge trusses consist of standard double T cross-sections, while the top chord follows a parabolic curve shape, with varying height from 2m (edges) to 5.5m (middle). The total steel deck is 5.3m from which 2.75m form the traffic lane corridor.
The footings are founded on shallow foundation, while the soil is preloaded and also improved through both stone columns construction and jet grouting.