Assessment and Rehabilitation of the first Greek Power Plant – Registered Monument of Industrial Heritage
Location: New Faliro, Athens
Surface: 9.600 s.m.
Supervision: 2013 - 2016
Client: Public Power Corporation S.A. Hellas

The project involves the structural assessment and retrofit of the first electric power station in Greece, which was constructed in 1902. The building is registered as industrial culture heritage. The building’s architectural, historic and technological value is significant and its preservation, by minimization of interventions, is crucial.  The total plan of the building is approximately 4600m2 (rectangular layout with approximate dimensions of 84m by 3*19m), the roof level is 12m above ground level and the mezzanine floor (which carries the machinery) is 3m above ground level. The walls consist of stone masonry, the roof consists of steel truss beams and the mezzanine consists of concrete and steel frames. The structure is secure under the static loadings, whereas for the earthquake loadings enhancement modifications are necessary. The walls in the longitudinal dimension are strengthened via internal pre-stressing techniques, while inside the building steel frames are implemented to carry the vertical roof loads and secure the walls against horizontal excitation.