Tunnel design at the area of Arcadian Gate
Location: Arcadian Gate
Surface: Total Length: 194 m
Supervision: 2014
Client: Developmental οf Messinia A.E. (A.N.M.E.S.A.E.)

The current final design project concerns the opening of a total length 194.4m tunnel, through underground excavation at the area of Arcadian Gate. For the reconstruction and improvement of about 10 km road section, the construction of the tunnel consitutes an integral part of the project. More particular, the required operations for both the excavation and the temporary support are described herein.

The opening of the tunnel was deemed necessary in order to avoid the passage of the vehicles through the Arcadian Gate, while the protection of the surrounding archaelogical area is taken into account as of major importance. For this purpose, a single section tunnel is designed, with two traffic lanes and 5.25m radius cross-section.

The tunnel consists of the following sections:
• The Cut & Cover of 24.2m length at the entrance.
• The tunnel of 150m length, produced by excavation.
• The Cut & Cover of 22.2m length at the exit.